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Come and Sign up for the Social Practice on International Student Admission in Beijing Jiaotong University!

发布时间:2020-12-29  发布人:系统管理员

Throughout 2020, we all have been trying to make changes that will make the future better. The work on international student admission in BJTU is also working hard in self improvement, which we believe needs your help and participation. To this end, the College of International Education(CIE) launched a new social practice on international student admission for the upcoming winter vacation of 2021 -- "Study in BJTU" study in China research. Whether you are on campus or far from here, as long as you are interested in the activity and would like to contribute your wisdom, then come to sign up and join us. 

1. Research Theme

 "Study in BJTU" study in China research

2. Form of Activity

Students voluntarily sign up in individual or group, choose one country as research target, select one item from the research field guide or make a combination of items in the guide according to the needs for research. The research outcomes should include constructive suggestions to the international students admission work in BJTU. Report tittle, research method and investigation angle are for students to decide. Individuals or groups are required to independently complete one original research report (both Chinese and English are acceptable, but in principle, it should be consistent with the teaching language of your program).

CIE will provide project approval guidance according to the signing up situation. Research report template is also available. After evaluation, CIE will award the research report that meets the requirements.

3. Research Field Guide

Four fields are presupposed for this round of social practice, which are: 

(1) Country Development and Talent Cultivation: Investigate the plan for social-economic development and industrial development profiles in the target country, especially the development situation and talent cultivation prospects of the relevant industries corresponding to the major instructed in BJTU. Study and illustrate the impact of the pandemic on education and these industries

(2) Chinese Enterprise and Talent Cultivation: Look into the business establishment, operation and development of Chinese-funded enterprises in the target country, as well as the corresponding talent demand.

(3) Education Structure and Learning Need: Investigate the education structure before higher education in the target country and introduce the national or regional examinations for degree study application in university. List the teaching content and study duration in primary, secondary, upper secondary, preparatory or equivalent education stage before entering the university, illustrate the differences on education system between China and target country.

(4)Willingness and Ability to Study in China: Interview on the opinions of students in target country on studying in Chinaincluding whether they are willing to come, reasons and motivations, dream major, financial condition and career expectation. Current Chinese (or English) language level, interest in studying Chinese language and confusion of any kind could also be incorporated.

4. Calender







Sign Up

Download the application form, fill and email it to apply@bjtu.edu.cn




Communication and Project Approval

Based on overall signing ups, CIE will communicate on the research field selection and project approval.




Winter Vacation

Research conduction and report elaboration.


Final Submission

Submission of the final work before deadline.


5. Signing Up Eligibility

International students and international alumni from every campus in BJTU

6. Signing Up Information:

Sign Up: Download the attached application form, fill and email it to apply@bjtu.edu.cn. Deadline for sign up is Jan. 3 , 2021.

Address: C102, Jia Yuan Block C

Email: apply@bjtu.edu.cn

Tel: 010-51684535010-51685179

附件:Application Form for BJTU Social Practice on International Student Admission.docx