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International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Online Course Project Launched at BJTU

发布时间:2020-11-06  发布人:管理员


BJTU has always been dedicated in providing best learning conditions for international students. In view of the pandemic that impedes free international travel, with the support of Center for Language Education and Cooperation, BJTU now offers online courses to provide learning opportunities for Chinese language learners currently living outside China. The details are as follows.

北京交通大学优势WHY BJTU

66年的国际学生教育历史 66 years in the cultivation of International Students;

来华留学质量认证高校One of the universities being credited by CEAIE for meeting the quality standard of international education for higher education institutions;

2019年超过2000名国际学生在校学习Over 2000 international students at BJTU in 2019.

全球大学排名BJTU Ranking

1604575335836..png 世界排名World: 751-800; 大陆高校排名Mainland China: 29

1604575414571..png世界排名World: 587; 大陆高校排名Mainland China: 47

1604575429493..png世界排名World: 801-1000; 大陆高校排名Mainland China: 43

1604575443789..png世界排名World: 401-500; 大陆高校排名Mainland China: 49

一、 申请条件 Application Requirements

1. 目前在中国境外的非中国籍人士;

Non-Chinese Citizens living out of China currently;

2. 身体健康,品学兼优;

Be in good physical and mental conditions, and with good academic performance and conduct;

3. 有志于从事中文教育、教学及相关工作;

Be committed to the Chinese language education and related work;

4. 年龄为 16-35 周岁(统一以202131日计)。在职中文教师放宽至45周岁。

Between the ages of 16 and 35 (as of March 1st, 2021). Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall not be over 45.

二、 奖学金类别及申请条件Scholarship Types and Qualifications

类别 Type

课程方向 Course

资助期限 Duration

申请条件 Qualifications

One semester Chinese Language student


Chinese language and literature


5 months

HSK3 180分,具有HSKK成绩

HSK LEVEL 3: 180, with valid HSKK score

三、 项目优势 Our Strengths

1.       在线课程可满足全球大部分时区 Online course schedule can meet the time zone of most countries;

2.       秉承小班教学理念,保证教学质量和效果(每班不超过10人)

Strict in maintaining small class size to ensure better learning outcomes. (Maximum 10 students per class);

3.       优质的师资队伍,大部分教师有超过10年的汉语教学经验

Allocate experienced teachers and academic staffs, most teachers had over 10 years of teaching experience;

4.       课程实现在线学习与录播功能

Record classes synchronously to help students in self-study and review.

5.       优秀学生将得到我校的推荐信

Letter of Recommendation can be issued to students with excellent performance for future application for jobs or higher education.

6.       汉语课程之外还有文化课程等帮助学生更好的体会中国文化及汉语实际应用场景学习。We also offer cultural related classes to help students get better understanding Chinese cultural and the practical use of Chinese language.

7.       拥有大批电子化学习教辅材料,满足不同学习需求的学生,分模块强化各种能力

With a large number of e-learning teaching materials to meet different learning needs of students, students can use different modules to strengthen various abilities.

8.       包括模拟考试等丰富的在线学习资源Rich online learning resources including mock test

9.       配备1:2师生比的助教老师,专门负责在线辅导。

Every 2 students will have a designated tutor to help them in the learning process;

10.    在线教学设施完备先进,具有智慧系统、云平台等多种教学硬件。

Online teaching platform are complete and advanced. It has intelligent system, cloud platform and other teaching hardware.

四、 资助项目:学费。

Scholarship Coverage: Tuition Fee.

五、 开课时间202131日。

Time for the Class: March 1st ,2021.

六、 申请截止时间20201125日。

Application Deadline: November 25, 2020.

七、 申请流程 Application Procedure

1.    登陆国际中文教师奖学金申请系统 http://cis.chinese.cn/account/login 并注册账户 

Sign up for the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Application System:



2.    填写申请表,奖学金类别请选择一学期研修生(线上授课),并选择学习时间和接收院校(北京交通大学)。

Fill out the form. As for the type of scholarship, please select “One Semester Student (Online Course)” . In addition, please choose your study period accordingly. The host institution should be selected as Beijing Jiaotong University.


3.    填写并上传全部申请材料后,点击提交按钮 

Click “Submit” after filling and uploading all required files.


4.    返回查看申请信息,并关注申请进度。

Check out application information and stay tuned for progress.


5.    在北京交通大学国际学生在线服务系统((http://study.bjtu.edu.cnhttp://bjtu.17gz.org))完成网上申请选择 “孔子学院奖学金,学习期限为2021-03-01-2021-07-15

Apply at BJTU International Student Service System and choose “Confucius Institution Scholarship”. The study period is 2021-03-01--2021-07-15.

八、 注意事项 Notice

1. 申请材料作假、不完整或不符合招生条件的,概不受理。

Forged, incomplete or unqualified applications will be declined.

2. 请及时查看报名时填写的邮箱,等待我校的联系。

Please check email box you provided regularly, waiting for the further notice from BJTU.

3. 获奖者应按时完成线上注册报到,无法按时报到须取得我院同意。

Admitted students should register online on time or should get a permission from BJTU for delay registration.

4. 无故未报到者,取消奖学金资格。

For those who fail to register on time with no reason, the scholarship will be canceled.

九、 联系方式 Contact Us


College of International Education

电话 Tel86-10+51684535

邮箱 Emailapply@bjtu.edu.cn