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The wonderful and moving of "Cloud Graduation" : Teachers and students of language class reminisce the days "on the cloud" together

发布时间:2020-06-19  发布人:管理员

On the afternoon of June 18th, the graduates of the language class of The College of International Education of Beijing Jiaotong University welcomed a special graduation ceremony. At the beginning of this semester, due to the global novel Coronavirus epidemic situation, students in their home country could not return to class on time, and those who stayed in the school could not communicate with the teacher face to face. All courses of the language class were adjusted from offline to online. A semester has passed, the teachers and students are looking forward to this graduation ceremony, which is the last time we get together in the way of "cloud graduation".


LIU Xiaofang, director of the teaching center first affirmed the students' insistence on online learning this semester, at the same time also thanked the Chinese teachers' hard working, she also encouraged everyone to the graduation ceremony as a milestone of Chinese learning career, redouble efforts to strive for greater achievements in the future.


SURáNYI KINGA MáRIA,in Hungary, not only overcame the time difference to learn Chinese, but also overcame the time difference to attend the graduation ceremony. She said with great excitement that her study and life in Beijing was unforgettable and she would try her best to come back in the future. Students PEREIRA CORRÊA GUILHERME, JANG KYONG NAM and FIROOZI FARAH who stayed in the school also expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their help in life and study. The teacher in charge, Ms. SUN Chanyue, after seeing the speech of the students, said that she would carefully prepare for the graduation ceremony every year, and the sense of ceremony this year is no less, so she is looking forward to this "cloud graduation". Ms Sun, dressed in her best, sent sincere and touching wishes to her students. At the end of the ceremony, LIU Xiaofang and SUN Chanyue presented the students with certificates of completion and certificates of honor.