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The College of International Education (WeiHai) Organize field trip to QingDao for language students

发布时间:2019-11-26  发布人:管理员

Weihai Campus of the College of International Education of BJTU organized 67 students on a trip to Qingdao on a language practice event for three days, in order for students to get better understand Chinese culture and the local Qingdao custom and lifestyle. They visited the famous cites such as WUSI Square, Aofan Centre and the Eight Gates. These international students had a close cultural interaction with the local people and obtained a profound understanding of Chinese culture and local tradition and customs. 


Students visited the famous Haier Group which is a world Top 500 company in the afternoon of 15th, they also visited Haier University, and got to know the Chinese household electric appliances’ history in the modern life Hall, while in the area of modern intelligent life display, and they get an experience of the convenient life brought by the modern technology. 


The next day, students visited the Qingdao Museum, went to the exhibition of precious cultural relic during different stages throughout the history, experiencing the Chinese tradition and culture.



Two days practice event was quite successfully, with the cheerful enjoyment and harvest, students went back to the campus with satisfaction, and the trip helped them to better prepare for the speech competition.

The speech competition was held on Nov. 22th, students from four classes tried their best effort to show what they have learned thorough language study and their trip to Qingdao to the judges and audience. They use different ways like PPT presentation, videos, dramas and other brilliant ways to better present themselves. Which gained a big applause from the audiences.


The success of the speech competition has brought a good ending to the journey to Qingdao. Trips and field study are activity that is so welcomed and loved by all the international students, all students expressed that the events gave them the chance to know contemporary Chinese better and be able to visit world famous enterprises. Through these events, the students learn Chinese culture much better, also brought their Chinese language skill to a higher level.