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BJTU International Student have achieved good results in ‘The 8th Chinese Star Competition for Foreign Students ’

发布时间:2019-12-04  发布人:管理员


Sponsored by the office of Beijing Language commission of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, undertaken by the Beijing Centre For International Chinese Education, ‘The 8th Chinese Star Competition for Foreign Students’ was held on Nov. 29, 2019 in a venue at Beijing TV Station. The Russian international student BEREZOVSKII STEPAN won the award of ‘the Best Contestant’, his tutor Jing YIN was awarded the ‘the Best Contestant’s Tutor’. BJTU was rewarded as the ‘Best Organizer’ for organizing a good number of students for the contest and having held a regional competition as well.


This competition served as a platform for international students to communicate as well as to show themselves, ‘The 8th Chinese Star Competition for Foreign Students’ commenced in the March of 2019, the whole competition was completed in first and second semester respectively, works such as work deployment, enrollment for audition and off-site preliminary contest were done in the first semester, the second round and final competition were completed in second semester. There were 33 universities with a number of over 1300 candidates in Beijing participated in the competition.  


BJTU has organized nearly 100 international students to attend the ‘Chinese Star Competition’ audition in April 2019, the outstanding candidates would go through the preliminary competition after official approval by the sponsors against the nominees from the 20 sub area competitions. In the middle of May, with the professional selection by the committee consists of experts in the field , there are 60 candidates were selected to the second round, a record of number of 6 students from BJTU were successfully get in the second round. According to the rule of the competition, the second round would select 20 candidates for the semi-final and the final, The Russian student BEREZOVSKII STEPAN from our university was successfully selected. He was the first candidates in this round, with over a month’ preparation, he has done a great job to play an electronic engineer, Zhang Liming, his exquisite and skillful performance has won a good comment from all the judges and audience.