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BJTU Alumni B.Artur took the lead to make a donation to China on behalf of Alumni Association of Mongolian Students Graduate from China

发布时间:2020-02-15  发布人:管理员

On Feb 13th, sponsored by the Alumni Association of Mongolian Students Graduate from China and the Mongolian Wuhan International Students Alumni, co-organized by Mongolian international students Association, a donation hand-over ceremony for China epidemic prevention and containment, with the theme “Permanent Neighbor, Heart Warm support” was held solemnly in the embassy of PRC in Mongolia. B.Artur, BJTU master graduate of the year 2012, who majored in transportation, currently working as the director of the Department of Railway of the Mongolia Ministry of Traffic and Transportation, who also acted as the president of Alumni Association of Mongolian Students Graduate from China attend the ceremony. Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Mongolia, Chai, Wenrui, Minister Counselor Yang, Qingdong, Culture Counselor Chen, Shuang and Political Counselor LI, Yanjun also attend the ceremony. 

B.Artur mentioned in the ceremony that China and Mongolia were good neighbors and always will be, and in the recent years with the help of the China Government Scholarship, there are more and more Mongolian students came to China for study and so the people of two countries have developed deep relationship. As the old saying goes ”when disasters comes, help are from all around the world”, since the outbreak of the epidemic, we are all worried. Two weeks ago, Alumni Association of Mongolian Students Graduate from China have started the donation activity with the theme ”Permanent Neighbor, Heart Warm support” to support the China on prevention and containment of the epidemic, a total amount of 22,000,000 Mutu has been raised. B.Artur stated, he strongly believed that under the efficient lead of Chinese governments with the effort of Chinese people, China will get the epidemic contained and prevent the virus from spreading out, the city Wuhan will be soon revived. 

All of the Mongolian students attend the ceremony had expressed their feeling that they had built a deep friendship with their Chinese friends during their stay in china. The hardship that Chinese people suffering are agonizing them like their family are wounded. We want to tell the story of Chinese government on fighting the epidemic proactively to our friends and families, to contribute our effort and gather momentum to the containing of the epidemic.  

As it is reported, many of our university’s Mongolian alumni have actively taken part in the donation event, all the donation fund will be donate to Wuhan hospitals by the Embassy of PRC in Mongolia. Since the very beginning of the epidemic, our university’s Mongolian alumni have showed a great concern to our students and teachers regarding the health issue and have purchased protection equipments for the teachers and students. Furthermore, our university’s Mongolian alumni has sent their regards to our university on behalf of all the alumni members over the issue of Corona virus epidemic. B.Artur said, “we all hope that the epidemic can be contained as soon as possible and expect the beautiful spring’s coming soon”.  

According to the statistics, from year 1996,  our university has started to cultivate Mongolian students on railway related majors. BJTU had co-cultivated nearly 100 people along with Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau since 2005. In the year of 2012, We have setup special programs in the area of traffic and transportation with Mongolian Ministry of Traffic Transportation. In year 2018, supported by the base program of ‘One Belt One Road’ of Beijing Municipal Government, Beijng Jiaotong University has setup the master program to train engineers for Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau. Till now, our university has cultivated over 600 graduates over the years .