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BTV report on BJTU to perform a good job on On-line teaching for international students

发布时间:2020-04-10  发布人:管理员

On Apr.9th, BTV <Special Attention> column reported our school has implemented a couple of measures to make sure international students can enjoy the online classes.

There are 247 international students stay on campus during the winter vocation, which account to 70 percent of total students on campus. Since the outbreak of epidemic, the school officials had paid special attention to the containment and prevention of the epidemic among the international students, and has taken a good grasp of the psychological and physical health status of international students through dormitory visiting and special seminars. To better educate and guide the students and ensure to carry out the work for containment and prevention of the epidemic in an orderly fashion. .   

The implementation of the online courses is the key issue above all, and is the most important measure to carry out the requirement of postponing students from returning campus without suspending the classes. Our school has overcome the difficulty of jetlag and internet connection to coordinate the teaching arrangement and design teaching program to ensure all international students be able to catch up with the study progress according to their unique situations. Students’ online study has been safely guaranteed with the help and guidance from teacher assistants and student volunteers. Since the beginning of the spring semester, thousands of international students abroad started the study on-line through the platforms like Rain Class and MOOC. 

The original source of the news on :BTV <Special Attention>