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The 2020 International Students New Year Celebration and Awarding Ceremony for International Education Partners of Beijing Jiaotong University

发布时间:2020-01-02  发布人:管理员

On Dec.30th of 2019, the 2020 International Students New Year Celebration and Awarding Ceremony for International Education Partners of Beijing Jiaotong University was held in TianYou Hall. BJTU Party Committee and Standing Committee, the Vice President Mr. Guan ZhongLiang attended the celebration along with the representatives from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the Education Bureau of Tangshan, TangShan University, Tangshan City planning and Architectural Design Research Institute, China Road and Bridge Corporation., Ltd, Traffic Control Technology Limited, and also the representatives from six partner universities in railway international education fields and lots of international students and teachers attend the event .



The new year celebration started with an energetic opening dance show. The magnificent show of Chinese drum was performed by the Chinese and international students studying in TangShan Institute of BJTU, the international students from Weihai Campus brought the play of Chinese traditional instrument, cucurbit flute, and the international students from Beijing main campus played the song <the Silk Road Youth loves China>, through the show the students expressed their deep love and enthusiasm for China.  The students from Mongolia, Kenya, Russia, Bangladesh and Vietnam performed their traditional dance. Some dances were graceful, and others’ dance were full of rhythm and very cheerful, which make the crowd very enjoyable.  The Taiji stage opera conveyed the spirit of ‘ to accomplish your mission with your original goal’ through their complicated drama and vivid act.     




Afterwards, there went the Awarding Ceremony for International Education Partner of Beijing Jiaotong University.  Dr. Guan ZhongLiang awarded ‘the International Education Cooperative partners with Beijing Jiaotong University’ to those partners who had been cooperating with BJTU closely in the area of international education and training. These partners are Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College, Jilin Railway Technology College, Shandon Polytecnic, Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology, Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic and Baotou Railway Vocational and Technical College.


In the year of 2019, the College of International Education was set up in Jiaotong University, which carried over the jobs related to international education and training. In 2019, the total number of international students has been increased to 2230, 1527 students are for long term, while 703 students are short. Among the long-term students, 1086 are degree students, which consists of 467 undergraduate students and 567 master students 52 doctor students. Since 2016, there have been 231 international students took some practical trainings and courses in our partner institutions.

Some representatives from different colleges and departments of BJTU have also attended the ceremony.