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Making Chinese dumpling, Tasting Chinese tea – BJTU Leaders and international students celebrated ‘Chinese New Year’ together

发布时间:2020-02-09  发布人:管理员

In the morning of Jan 20th, Beijing Jiaotong University has arranged a celebration event with the theme ‘Expecting the Season of Spring, Celebrating Chinese New Year ’. This event was held in the International Students Hall in Block C of JiaYuan, the president Wang, Jiaqiong along with all the university leaders and international students on campus celebrated together.  


Wang, Jiaqiong sent the new year regards to all the international students during the event, he wished all the international students to carry on with the good word in the year of 2020 and achieve towards their academic goal. He made the dumplings with the students and also tasted Chinese tea, the whole celebration is joyously mingled with the touch of spring.



As it is reported, up until 2019, there are 2230 international students in BJTU from 128 countries. The BJTU International Education focus on the the goal of building a ‘Double first ’ university, take good advantage of the specialty advantage in the area of traffic and transportation, combined with the “Go Global” strategy of the Chinese railway industry, to proactively serve for the goal of cultivating and training more alent for the ‘Belt and Road ’ Initiative. To meet the partners’ requirement more precisely, BJTU has established the new mode of talent cultivation, reached agreements with several enterprises who have projects along the ‘Belt and Road ’. Thus a new cooperation mode such as the university allying with the enterprises on producing and teaching has been well founded to cultivate local talents for the eastern Africa railway system. 100 Kenya international students came to China in year of 2016, 2017 and 2018 to study for bachelor degree in various railway related majors, the first group of students will finish their degree in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, BJTU is also cooperating with other universities and government bodies on the construction of Economic Corridor among China, Mongolia and Russia. BJTU now has launched master programs with Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau of Mongolia. Nowadays, BJTU have over 100 Mongolian students each year. BJTU along with Russian universities have established ‘China Russian College’ to enhance the cooperation between two countries in the aspect of talent cultivation. Furthermore, BJTU takes good advantage of different resources to accumulate practical experience for international students and gathers all the strength and advantage in the training of traffic technology.


As reported by the Beijing Youth correspondent, when building up the platform of intercultural communication among international students, BJTU has different courses such as Chinese, Chinese culture and Intro. of China. BJTU also arranged programs for international students to live with Chinese families, so that students can have the opportunity to experience a Chinese tradition and culture thoroughly. BJTU also arranged visits to the Railway Museum, railway enterprises for international students, and took part in the activities of ‘Perceive China’, ‘tell story about China and spread Chinese conception’ and so forth to help students to indulge in a Chinese atmosphere, to have a more objective understanding of China. BJTU holds an international festival every two years, to build up the brand combining international culture showcase, inter-cultural communication and international education advocating, so far, the festivals have been held on campus for 8 times already. Another special program called ‘Ark Journey’ event has been organized for 32 times so far since 2012 to build the platform for inter-culture communication. Through various forms of event, international students have become more capable in the aspect of understanding and communicating in a multicultural atmosphere, so as to increase the ability of inter-culture communication.