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Beijing Jiaotong University Passed the “Quality Certification of Study in China”

发布时间:2019-10-22  发布人:管理员



On the afternoon of October 18, Vice President Guan Zhongliang attended the "Symposium on Quality Assurance of Study in China" of the 20th China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo (CACIE) . The conference was hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange ,with the theme was "modernization of education in China: Connotation, Current situation and Future".


An important part of this symposium is the "Awarding Ceremony of 2019 Quality Certification of Study in China". In 2019, a total of 33 universities nationwide accepted the quality certification of study in China, and finally 22 universities passed the certification, with the certification period of four years. Guan Zhongliang accepted the certificate on behalf of the school.



Guan Zhongliang made a speech at the symposium of "Studying in China under the Background of Education Modernization 2035". He introduced the basic situation of our school and the special way of studying in China, especially our school always aiming at the frontier of scientific and technological development and the major strategic needs of the state, relying on the advantageous and characteristic disciplines such as information, management and transportation science and technology, and implementing the national "the Belt and Road Initiatives" and the "China's High Speed Railway" strategy, providing intellectual support and talents for the countries along "the Belt and Road Initiatives". Specific work of security and professional services. The guests and audience on the scene responded warmly.

The head of the College of International Education attended the related activities.