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The Assessment Method for 2018 Outstanding International Students of Beijing Jiaotong University

发布时间:2018-11-28  发布人:管理员


In order to motivate international students with excellent study performance, active participation in campus events and social activities as well as dedicatory spirit to promote international student affairs, BJTU CIE opens the application of 2018 Outstanding International Students of BJTU. Detailed information are as following: 
1. Principle

The selection work should strictly abide by the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality in order to achieve the purpose of encouraging outstanding international students in BJTU.
2. Committee

The annual outstanding student review committee is composed of the Center for International Education leaders and staff who are in charge of international student affairs as well as professors, lecturers and staff in each faculty; the tutors and coordinators are specifically responsible for the recommendation and declaration; Center for International Education is responsible for the organization and management of the selection.
3. Objects

International students who are enrolled in BJTU as degree students, and who are on the second grade or above and within the academic years are qualified to apply. Students who are absent from school or asked for leave are not included. With any one of the following situations can not participate in the selection of this year:

(1) Those who violate the laws and regulations of China;

(2) Those who violate the regulations of the Beijing Jiaotong University and the relevant regulations for international students in China;

(3) Those who violate social morality and cause adverse effects;

(4) The visa and residence permit have not been processed on time, the corresponding insurance has not been purchased, and the anti-drug commitment has not been signed;
4. Criteria
(1) Studying

Undergraduate students: at least 15 credits per semester with excellent grades (average scores above 85 are preferred).

Postgraduate: at least 15 credits per semester with excellent grades (average scores above 85 are preferred).

PhD students: publish academic papers in important journals and participate in important research projects.
(2) Daily performance

Comply with the school rules and regulations, abide by Chinese laws and regulations; no violations of discipline. Actively participate in student activities, organize student activities actively , and participate in student management in CIE office.
(3) Moral quality

Enthusiastic, honest and trustworthy, and can play a positive model among students.
5. Procedure

·                     Submitting a application form if you meet the conditions that mentioned above (get the application form from the CIE Student Affairs Office in east campus, application period is from 16th, Nov to 30th Nov);

·                     Each counselors conduct a preliminary evaluation and submit the list of candidates and related materials to CIE Student Affairs Office within the required time.

·                     The committee will select the candidates and propose the list of winners;

·                     Publicize the list of winners;

·                     After the publicity period, the final winners list will be determined.

6. The right to interpret these measures is at the Center for International Education of Beijing Jiaotong University.