2017 BJTU Australia Summer Program
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1.BJTU Australia Summer Program
BJTU Summer Program is an academic exchange program officially organized by Beijing Jiaotong University. The program intends to   integrate Australian and Chinese educational resources, building an exchange platform for renowned professors and scholars, leading universities, elite students and Fortune Global 500 companies. We welcome friends from all over Australia and the world to share their knowledge, ideas and cultures with us.
BJTU Summer Program is composed of world-renowned professors from top universities in Australia and China. It offers courses in the field of Economics, Business, Marketing, Language. Besides these, BJTU Summer Program also provides students with interesting non-credited activities, like career plan, culture events and speeches given by managers from renowned company speech, which give students a more interesting experience after class.
Duration: Dec 18th,  2017 to Jan 8th, 2018 (Examination time: Jan 9th to Jan 10th,  2018)
Address: No.3 Shangyuan Cun, Haidian District ,Beijing China, Beijing Jiao Tong University
2. Application
Fill in the application form (链接) and send to the email : gjjyjl@bjtu.edu.cn
3. Contact:
Address: No. 3 Shangyuan Cun, Haidian District, Beijing China, 100044
Mobile:+86 185 1123 8890
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