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The International Students Won the Second Prize in the Beijing Basketball Game
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 International students attended the Beijing Basketball game during Oct. 22nd to Nov. 6th 2016. The game was hosted by Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and the people's government of Beijing Shunyi District. In order to enrich the life of foreigners and to enlarge the bridge of cultural exchange to make more friends, the game opened on Oct. 22nd. The basketball player Mabry from Shou-gang men's basketball team also attended the game for the opening ceremony.
   After a year of hard training, our basketball team has improved a lot from the forth place to the second prize this year. During this game, the players dedicated into it and awarded the prize eventually. Even facing the old and strong opponent – Beijing Institute of Technology
The players are from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Niger, and Central Africa. Hope they will do better next year! 


, our team still remained calm and used the right strategy to fight. 
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