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The Third Session of the Urban Railway Transportation Training Course Was Successfully Held

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Publish :2023-10-27

The third session of the Urban Railway Transportation Training Course, jointly conducted by CIE of Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) and Elephant Technology, a training company belonging to Traffic Control Technology was successfully held on October 25th .

Participants visited the Smart Stations of the National Engineering Research Center for Railway Operation and Control Systems and the intelligent training platform for rail transportation talents as well as other areas so as to experience the latest achievements of China’s intelligent rail transportation development.



After the visit, the participants learned about the history of urban rail transit development through the course “Overview of Urban Rail Transit Signal Systems”, and learned about the conceptual development process of traffic control systems. They also gained a deeper understanding of the achievements and development of urban rail transit and infrastructure construction in China.


Throughout the whole training process, students marveled at the rapid development of China’s urban rail transit control technology and remarkable achievements. Additionally, students also showed great interests in learning and had a lot of interactive exchanges with teachers.


Every student has given positive comments on the course benefits as this training has broadened their horizons and is very inspiring to their own professional fields.