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The Social Practice to Transportation Construction under Karst Landform of Guizhou has successfully held

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Publish :2022-08-09

From July 17 to July 23, 2022, 15 international students from 13 countries participated in the "Guizhou Transportation Construction Research and Study Activity under Karst Landform" sponsored by Guizhou Education Department. The activity combines educational resources with Guizhou's local environmental resources, allowing students to learn about road, bridge and transportation construction, science and technology revitalization and cultural customs in Guizhou.


During the activity, the students experienced the charm of Guizhou's paper carving and papermaking culture, and visited the Guizhou Transportation Museum. They had a preliminary understanding of Guizhou's geographical characteristics and its transportation spirit of "Building roads through mountains and building bridges through rivers". In the track training room, the instructor explained the operation process and key points of manually turning the switch and simulating the driver of urban rail transit. The students experienced the professional feelings of "subway maintenance personnel" and "subway driver".


In the following days, the international students visited "Huamao Village" which has been investigated by President Xi Jinping, "the last Gunman tribe" -- Basha Miao Village, the world's first concrete tower Bridge -- Pingtang Bridge, the world's largest single aperture radio telescope -- "China Sky Eye" and Guizhou Provincial Museum. They have a deep understanding of Guizhou from the aspects of history, culture, geography, development status and pioneering spirit, especially learning Guizhou bridge culture, feeling Guizhou transportation spirit, and practicing the word "knowing and doing".


The 7-day research and study social practice is not only a rare practical experience for international students, but also an important embodiment of our university's active participation in international cooperation and efforts to build the "Belt and Road" education community.