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BJTU has won the 3rd prize of the 2nd “100 Reasons to Love Beijing” Short Video Competition

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Publish :2022-08-09

On July 14, 2022, the award ceremony of the 2nd "100 Reasons to Love Beijing" Short Video Competition was held. The competition tells the "latest, most beautiful and best" stories of Beijing through the lens of foreign friends from their perspective, be supportive to build Beijing cultural center and international communication center.


A total of 3500 video works were submitted by more than 2,000 participants from over 100 countries and regions. The short video "I love Beijing, I belong Here" planned by the College of International Education of BJTU won the third prize of the competition. The video was shot by PILIPCHAK ALEXEY, a Russian international student, and TAGANOVA GURBANTUVAK, a Turkmenistan international student. They shot the history and story of Beijing that they saw in Beijing Zhengyang Book Store into a short video. TAGANOVA GURBANTUVAK attended the award ceremony as the winning representative and was invited to participate in the Han Dress performance of "Beautiful Dress Song".