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International Chinese Language Day: International Student Talk show about Buzzwords

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Publish :2022-04-24

April 20th is the United Nations Chinese Language Day 2022. Beijing Jiaotong University held International Student Buzzword Competition to support the "International Chinese Language Day" launched by Center for Language Education and Cooperation and Chinese Plus. The competition is divided into two stages: "Buzzword" individual competition and "Buzzword" group competition. More than 60 international students participated in online and offline.


The competition is comprised of individual competition and group competition. After the first round of individual competition, 6 excellent players online and offline were selected as excellent players, and all the players successfully went to the group competition. In the group competition, students were divided into 5 groups, including 2 on-campus groups and 3 overseas groups. Each group was guided by professional Chinese teachers. The event also included professional interpretation about the misunderstandings in the use of popular words for students. All group members were brainstorming to discuss popular words they are interested in. After the teachers'guidance, each group produced short videos related to buzzwords, and videos will be presented in the group competition.


Through hosting such a vivid and interesting "International Chinese Language Day" series of activities, we believe it will make Chinese learners to better and faster study these popular language, to appropriately use Chinese terms, and to discover the story behind the buzzwords.