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Chinese Language Training Program -

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Publish :2022-03-02

On January 21, 2022, the online graduation ceremony of "Blue Ladder Scientific Research Program" was successfully held. The study program lasted 28 days, and a total of 10 students from different majors of Korea National Jiaotong University participated in it.

 In order to create an immersive Chinese learning experience for students, the program added a series of live online cultural courses. Through 28 days of study, students have a further understanding of the basic knowledge of China, famous scenic spots in Beijing and Chinese history and culture.  

In the Chinese course focusing on the training of listening and speaking skills, students could recite ancient poems aloud and learn Chinese songs easily after two weeks of hard work, from being afraid to speak at the beginning to being able to speak freely later.  

In the business Chinese course series, students put what they learned into practice and felt the practicability of the business Chinese course in an all-round way through the colorful teaching form.