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CIE Organized the Activity of Learning the Spirit of Lei Feng

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Publish :2021-03-16

On March 11, 2021, during the "Learning from Lei Feng Activity Month", in order to let international students understand the traditional Chinese virtues of benevolence and mutual help, let branch party members relive the "Lei Feng spirit", all party members of the CIE Party Branch and the representatives of students carried out cultural activities with the theme of "Youth as Warm as Sunshine". The event was presided over by Liu Yanqing, Dean of the College of International Education.


Mr. Chen, a cross-cultural scholar of the CIE, had an in-depth interaction with 15 international students from 11 different countries. He introduced the international film stars and Internet celebrities who are currently known by the students as "from China to the world" to the topic, made a comparison among the Belgian hero Julien, the young guy in the oil painting "Freedom Lead the People" of France, and the heroes who made outstanding contributions to their cities or countries, such as Martin Luther King in the United States. He introduced to everyone that "in China, such a typical representative is Lei Feng who has been an idol to be praised for more than half a century." Chen mentioned that "Lei Feng" is by everyone's side. For example, during the epidemic, the volunteers of Beijing Jiaotong University who transported and distributed subsidies to students and helped sick students, "Each one of us who shines the lights of Lei Feng's spirit is a good example ". All the present learned the spirit of Lei Feng in depth by studying the pictures and Chen’s explanation.


Liu Yanqing made supplements with Lei Feng's family status, life background and work status, giving a vivid Lei Feng to everyone. She encouraged all branch party members and representatives of overseas students to concentrate on their work and study, start from the minor things around, and inherit and interpret the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions.


Through the event, the international students present have a deeper understanding and more real experience of Lei Feng's spirit. They said that although Lei Feng was not familiar to foreigners before, he was known to almost every Chinese. After learning about his deeds, They all have been moved by his spirit. Everyone expressed their willingness to incorporate this spirit into their future study and life, to care for and help those in need around them.