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CIE Held the Opening Ceremony of the Online "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Program"

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Publish :2021-03-11

In the afternoon of March 10, the College of International Education of Beijing Jiaotong University held the opening ceremony of the online "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Program" for the 2021 spring semester. Liu Xiaofang, director of the Teaching Center of the CIE, some Chinese teachers and students acquired with scholarship attended the ceremony. The meeting was hosted by the teacher Xing Hailing.


Liu Xiaofang first welcomed the new students of this semester and then introduced the background of the launch of the "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Program" and the development history of the Confucius Institute Scholarship Program in our university. Liu Xiaofang encouraged everyone to make continuous progress with the foundation of Chinese, the qualified students to pay more attention to our outstanding disciplines and majors, and strive for opportunities to come to Jiaotong University to carry out academic studies. Xing Hailing from the Teaching Center gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of the project, she said that the college has always attached great importance to the progress of this project and has invested a lot in teachers, learning resources and teaching management. She hopes that students can make good use of such precious learning opportunity to strive for a comprehensive improvement in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in overall aspects.


Student representatives Du Shiyan (Vietnam), Ma Ruyi (Russia), Park Sung Hee (South Korea), and Zhang Mingxin (Vietnam) gave speeches. The students said that they were very lucky to have passed the admission exam of Beijing Jiaotong University and have the opportunity to study in China. Study at a well-known university and become one of "Jiaotong University".