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International Students Learn about China through the "Two Sessions"

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Publish :2021-03-09

On March 5th, on the opening day of the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress, the cross-cultural scholar Chen of the College of International Education of Beijing Jiaotong University and international students carried out a cultural exchange activity with the theme of "China Waiting for Spring". The event was presided over by Liu Yanqing, Dean of the School of International Education. 14 international students from 10 different countries participated in the activity.


During the activity, Mr. Chen used simple but easy-to-understand Chinese to communicate with foreign students, the vibe was relaxed and joyful. He took good use of illustration performing scenes of vivid cases in everyone's life, and "knocking on the blackboard and marking the key points" for international students. Mr. Chen introduced China’s development achievements from spacecraft, aircraft carriers, railways, and 5G technology to the majors involved, from the concept of "Supreme", and then to the current successful research and development of the new corona virus vaccine, explaining to everyone thoroughly that the two sessions being held at this time are closely related to their lives.



The whole event was comprehensive and very down to the earth. It not only vividly interpreted the Chinese plan and Chinese wisdom, but also opened a window for international students to understand China. The international students present all said that after the outbreak, the whole world has witnessed the Chinese government and the Chinese people's commitment to fighting the epidemic. After the epidemic has been brought under control, the whole country has embarked on the fast track of development, and China's speed has once again surprised people. They are willing to share what they have seen and heard in China with their family and friends, and are more willing to work hard to build a better world together.