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The Notice of the Social Practice Activities of Study at BJTU

In the year of 2020, we are all working hard to make changes to make the future better. Especially for the work of enrollment, We strongly believe that this requires your help and participation. To this end, the College of International Education launched a new social practice project for enrollment in the winter vacation of 2021-"Study in Beijing Jiaotong University" to study in China. Whether you are on campus or far away, as long as you are interested in our activities and willing to contribute your wisdom, then sign up and join us asap.

1.     Theme on "Study at Beijing Jiaotong University"

2.     Form of activity:

Students individually or voluntarily form a group to sign up, choose a target country, select a topic from the survey topic guide given in this activity or select several topic combinations according to the content needs to conduct the survey. The survey results should include a proposal to the constructive suggestions for the enrollment of overseas students in China. The topics, the research method and angle are un-limited. Individuals or groups are required to independently complete original survey reports (Chinese and English are both acceptable, but in principle, they should be consistent with the language of the project)


CIE will give guidance on the establishment of the project based on the registration situation and provide a research report format template. Evaluation will be undertaken by CIE, the survey reports that meet the requirements will be rewarded

3.     Topic guide:

Four themes are preset for the survey reports

a.     Country development and talent training

b.     Chinese-funded enterprises and talent training

c.      Educational structure and demand for education

d.     Willingness and ability to study in China

4.     Timetable :

Dec 29th, 2020-Jan 3rd, 2021: registration

Jan 4th, 2021-Jan 10th, 2021: topic select and set project

Jan-Feb, 2021: carry out survey report

Mar1st2021: submit report

5.     Application:

Download application forms and send to