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Beijing Jiaotong University International Chinese Teacher Scholarship
(Confucius Institute Scholarship) Online Course Project Launched

Influenced by COVID-19, international travel is limited. The Sino foreign language exchange and cooperation center plans to support some colleges and universities to carry out online Chinese training projects, so as to create convenient learning opportunities for Chinese learners living outside China. Our school actively responded to the policy of the center and launched a series of online courses.

BJTU has always been dedicated in providing best learning conditions for international students. In view of the pandemic that impedes free international travel, with the support of Center for Language Education and Cooperation, BJTU now offers online courses to provide learning opportunities for Chinese language learners currently living outside China. The details are as follows.

66 years of history in international student education;

Universities accredited for quality of study in China;

More than 2,000 international students in the year of 2019

Global Rankings

1616582338306..png World: 751-800; Mainland China: 29 

1616582347600..png World: 587; Mainland China: 47

1616582355895..png World: 801-1000; Mainland China: 43

1616582370475..png World: 401-500; Mainland China: 49

一、 Application Requirements

    1. Non-Chinese Citizens living out of China currently;

    2. Be in good physical and mental conditions, and with good academic performance and         conduct;

    3. Be committed to the Chinese language education and related work;

   4. Between the ages of 16 and 35 (as of March 1st, 2021). Applicants currently working     as Chinese language teachers shall not be over 45.

二、 Scholarship Types and Qualifications





One semester Chinese Language student

Chinese language and literature

5 months

HSK LEVEL 3: 180, with valid HSKK score

三、  Our Strengths

1.       Online course schedule can meet the time zone of most countries;

2.       Strict in maintaining small class size to ensure better learning outcomes. (Maximum 10 students per class);

3.       Allocate experienced teachers and academic staffs, most teachers had over 10 years of teaching experience;

4.       Record classes synchronously to help students in self-study and review.

5.     Letter of Recommendation can be issued to students with excellent performance for future application for jobs or higher education.

6.      We also offer cultural related classes to help students get better understanding Chinese cultural and the practical use of Chinese language.

7.     With a large number of e-learning teaching materials to meet different learning needs of students, students can use different modules to strengthen various abilities.

8.       Rich online learning resources including mock test

9.       Every 2 students will have a designated tutor to help them in the learning process;

10.    Online teaching platform are complete and advanced. It has intelligent system, cloud platform and other teaching hardware.

四、 Scholarship Coverage: Tuition Fee.

五、 Time for the Class: March 1st ,2021.

六、 Application Deadline: November 25, 2020.

七、 Application Procedure

    1.    Sign up for the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Application             System:

    2.   Fill out the form. As for the type of scholarship, please select “One Semester Student         (Online Course)” . In addition, please choose your study period accordingly. The host          institution should be selected as Beijing Jiaotong University.

    3.  Click “Submit” after filling and uploading all required files.

    4. Check out application information and stay tuned for progress.

    5.  Apply at BJTU International Student Service System and choose “Confucius Institution         Scholarship”. The study period is 2021-03-01--2021-07-15.

八、 Notice

    1. Forged, incomplete or unqualified applications will be declined.

    2. Please check email box you provided regularly, waiting for the further notice from                 BJTU.

   3. Admitted students should register online on time or should get a permission from BJTU        for delay registration.

    4. For those who fail to register on time with no reason, the scholarship will be canceled.

九、 Contact Us

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