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Preparatory Programs
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I. Introduction

The preparatory programs are for those who want to get HSK-4 certificate or above for their future degree study in China. The 1 year course work mainly consists of Intensive Comprehensive Chinese, Intensive Chinese Listening and Speaking, Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Writing, Business Chinese and HSK Training. There are about 22 class hours per week.
II. How to Apply

 1. Admission Requirement
(1) Foreign Nationals;

(2) In a good health and abide to the laws and regulations;

(3) Diploma requirement appropriate to the relevant degree;

(4) Age restriction appropriate to the relevant degree

2. Application Materials

  Application materials are same to the degree students (except for the HSK Level 4 Certificate)

3. Application Procedure
   Please fill the Application Form online before July 15th, provide the above-mentioned materials and to pay the application fee. (Apply on http://study.bjtu.edu.cn).
     In about 2 weeks after the admission, BJTU will provide the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202). Successful applicants can apply for the Visa for Study in China with the above materials and
Health Certificate (period of validity is 6 months, pay attention to the time of physical examination).
      4. Fees (RMB)

          (1)Application Fee: 500RMB Yuan/ person (will not be returned);
          (2)Tuition: 2,0000RMB Yuan/year
          (3)Accommodation fee
       (4)Insurance Premium: 600RMB Yuan/person per year   300RMB Yuan/person per semester


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