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I. Introduction

The long-term program provides Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Classes for international students with different Chinese proficiencies. The courses mainly consist of Comprehensive Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing, Chinese Pronunciation, Extensive Reading, Chinese Writing and Business Chinese. There are about 22 class hours per week.

The short-term program includes holiday courses in summer/winter holidays and group courses (minimum 15 students to form a group) at any time during a semester. Beginner’s Class, Primary Class, Reading and Writing Class are available for students with different Chinese proficiencies. Besides language courses, students can enjoy some culture courses and tourist trips.
 II. How to Apply

  1. Admission Requirement

(1) Foreign nationals;

(2) In good health and abide to the laws and regulations;

(3) Diploma equivalent to a Chinese secondary school certificate;

(4) Aged from 18 years old to 45 years old (Please provide materials of the guardian if the student is under the age of 18, and the procedure refers to the FAQ);

2. Application Materials

(1) BJTU Application Form for Overseas Language Program Students (Filled online);

(2) Photocopy (scanned copy or facsimiled copy) of passport details;

(3) Eight 2 inch photos with white background or electronic photo (minimum 640*480 pixels)

 3. Application Procedure

Please fill the Application Form online before July 15th or January 15th every year, providing the above materials and pay for the application fee. (Apply on http://study.bjtu.edu.cn).

     About 2 weeks after the admission, BJTU will provide the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202). Successful applicants can apply for the Visa for Study in China with above-mentioned materials and Health Certificate (period of validity is 6 months, pay attention to the time of physical examination).

4. Fees (RMB)

(1) Application Fee: 500RMB Yuan/ person (nonrefundable);

(2) Tuition: 9,000RMB Yuan/semester

(3) Accommodation fee

(4) Insurance Premium: 600RMB Yuan/person per year;300RMB Yuan/person per semester


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