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The First Group of Students Cultivated by BJTU and CRBC Has Arrived to Study in Campus
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 March 31st, 2016 is the day that the first 25 Students cultivated by BJTU and CRBC arrived in Beijing, which, marks the beginning of their 4 years of undergraduate study in BJTU.
  After the arrival of Kenyan students, the teacher in CIE helped all the studentsof the progress of register in, visa and the text books. The campus tour afterwards also helped them to be familiar with the surroundings. In the evening, the welcome dinner has been prepared for the students and the students gave them a warm welcome to give their blessings to their future study.
  During the Tsing Ming Festival, CIE prepared the Kenya students of the on day tour in Beijing, also guided them to visit Tian’an Men Square and Beihai Park to let them feel the warmth of this spring in Beijing.
      On the afternoon of Apr. 6th, the Opening Ceremony of CCCC-CRBC Kenyan Education Program of Railway Engineering Agreement Signing Ceremony between CRBC and BJTU has been held successfully, which is also the symbol of the beginning of the students’ school life. After the ceremony, the students also listened to the lecture of the History of Rail Transport in China and learned the significant change over the past hundred years to officially start their student life in BJTU.

     This group of 25 Kenyan students was jointly funded by the CCCC – CRBC to finish the 4 – year undergraduate study of the railway engineering. This program has cultivated the talents for the Kenyan railway engineering and is the crucial part of the international strategic cooperation of the industry and universities.

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