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“Drink from the source, World in Union” International Cultural Festival Successfully Held
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May 13th 2016, a series activity has been constantly held during the celebration of the 120 Anniversary, including the International Cultural Festival. The theme of this year is “Drink from the source, World in Union”. The ambassador of Sir Belgium Michael Malherbe, Thailand minister-counsellor Wasin Dhamavas, the ambassadors of Ethiopia, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Sudan, Nepal, Portugal, the Philippines, Lesotho, Cameron, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Gabon and the officials from the democratic republic of Congo, as well as the related official from Beijing Municipal Education Commission attended the event. The vice – president Feng Chen, deputy secretary Futing Gao, and the assistant to the president Qiang Wu participated in the activity as well, even the alumni came back to school for this event.
Compared with the first time of the cultural festival was held in 2006, the number of students in 2016 has increased a lot. Around 150 students were at the event back then, but more than 2000 students from more than 100 countries in 2016. The Cultural Festival has not only opened the window of the world to the students at school, but also has built a bridge for the International students between the”China Dream” and the “My Dream”; from the theme of “Jiao Rong Gong Tong, Dao Lu Wu Xian” to “Drink from the source, World in Union”, Beijing Jiaotong University has been cooperating with the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, and cultivated a group of talents for the Railway Engineering.
This year, Beijing Jiaotong University is welcoming the 120 Anniversary. Nearly one thousand International students and graduates are celebrating it in their own way. Some of them held the Chinese Speech Contest to share their stories and memories with the rest and friends from their own country; others from over 60 countries who has already left school also find a way to Skype and video chat with the school to give their sincerely blessings to BJTU.
   At the Opening Ceremony, International students were well – dressed to celebrate. The event also gave the platform to the students to show their talent. On one hand, the International programs come from all over the world, including Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Russia, Colombia etc; on the other hand, programs from Chinese students are Martial arts and music. After this Cultural Festival, the bonding both of teachers and students has become incredibly closer. 

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