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BJTU international students got good results in the "Friendly Envoy Cup" basketball game
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Beijing "Friendly Envoy Cup" basketball game ended successfully in Beijing Wukesong basketball stadium On November 29th. Our international students eventually ranked the fourth. This competition was organized by the Beijing people's government foreign affairs office, lasting for three weeks. The teams are from colleges in Beijing and embassies.

Twelve teams witnessed the opening ceremony "Friendly Envoy Cup" together in Wukesong HI-PARK stadium on November 14th.After leadership’s speech and wonderful opening show, the game began .The goal of the game is to rich foreigners’ living in Beijing, at the same time provided them with chances of making friends from all over the world.

       Although our team only obtained the fourth, we all see the growth of our team in the progress of training as well as competition. They come from different countries, but basketball let them become teammates, friends, and brothers. Training and fighting hardly with proper resting is the spirit of Beijing JiaoTong University international students basketball team. We believe that this team will win the championship next year!

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