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Circumjacent Facilities
1. Banks

BJTU is the university nearest to downtown of Beijing. There are many banks around the campus including:
(1) ICBC Jiaodadonglu Branch, address: No.9 Building, 18# Jiaodadonglu, Haidian District(opposite to East Gate of BJTU);
(2) ICBC Changhewan Branch, address: No.2 Building, 59# Gaoliangqiaoxiejie, Haidian District;
(3) Bank of Communications Xizhimen Branch, address: No.2 Building, 59# Gaoliangqiaoxiejie, Haidian District;
(4) CCB Daliushu Branch, address: No. 3-2, 1# Jiaotongdaxuelu, Haidian District;
(5) CEB Xueyuanlu Branch, address: 56# Xizhimengbeidajie, Haidian District;
(6) Bank of China Gaoliangqiao Branch, address: No.1 Building, 41# Jiaodadonglu, Haidian District;
(7) Huaxia Bank Xizhimen Branch, address: A tower, 60# Xizhimenbeidajie, Haidian District;
(8) CITIC Bank Jinyundasha Branch, address: No.1 Building, 46# Xizhimenbeidajiejia, Haidian District;

2. Hospital

Peking University People’s Hospital is the nearest Class3 Grade1 Hospital around BJTU. The address is No.1 Building, 11# Xizhimennandajie, Xicheng District. This famous polyclinic was founded in 1918, and there are 18 key clinical specialities of MOH.
3. Shoping Mall
Capitaland Mall, which is well-know as a comprehensive shopping mall for its shopping, catering and leisure service, is only around 1 kilometer from BJTU. The address is: 1# Xizhimenwaidajie, Xicheng District. People can buy clothes from NIKE, ADDIDAS, UNIQLO, GAP, VERO MODA and PEACEBIRD etc in here, and they can also enjoy brilliant food provided by Wangxiangyuan, Nanjingdapaidang, Malayouhuo and Xiti Steak etc. What’s more, people can relax at Jingcheng Archery Club.

4. Travelling Advices
We advise international student to choose public transportation using Beijing municipal administration and communications card when travelling in Beijing. Public transportations such as Subway (BJTU is near Xizhimen Station), bus are not only convenient and efficient, but also economical and environmental. Bicycle can be used on campus.
Regarding to travelling in China, railway is the NO.1 choice. Meanwhile, travelling by air or by coach is also available. There are many railway and flight agent office around the university, and purchase ticket is always an easy thing.
Stops of No. 16, 26 and Yuntong 105 buses reaching Xizhimen Subway Station (Subway Line 2) are near the south gate of BJTU. Subway Line 2 connects Airport Express (Beijing Subway Map).
Stops of No.87, 651, Yuntong 103, 483 buses are near the east gate.
Stops of No. 16, 26, Yuntong 103 buses are near the south gate.