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Applicants under the age of 18 who wish to study in China for a period over six months need (1) Notarized document of Guardian guarantee in addition to the general application materials. To get the Guardian guarantee, applicants need to the followings:
Find a suitable guardian, the guardian must be a Chinese citizen who lives or works in Beijing
The applicant should provide photocopy (scanned copy or facsimiled copy) of passport details of the applicant’s parents or the copies of their ID card( in the case of passports not available);
The translated Birth Certificate in Chinese with the official stamp of the translation company of Beijing, letters of Authorization of guardian from applicant’s parents and their ID card to the guardian
Then the guardian should take all the above mentioned documents together with the signed copy of the guardian’s ID card (with both sides on one page) certificate of employment, and the original copies of ID card (and the signed copy of the temporary residence permit of the guardian’s household registration if the guardian is not Beijing resident) to the notary office of Beijing with Guardianship guarantee.