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Beijing Jiaotong University
2016 Summer Short Term Courses

I. Schedule
July 4 –July 29
4 weeks
Beginner’s Class
   9:00-11:50 from Monday to Friday: Chinese language
        14:00-16:00 once a week: Chinese culture
14:00-16:00 once a week: Oral Chinese 
Primary Class
Reading and Writing Class
Registration dateJuly 3
Note: Beginner’s class is for those without any Chinese proficiency.
Primary class is for those who know more than 800 Chinese characters.
Reading and writing class is for children of overseas Chinese and international students with certain speaking and listening proficiency.
II. Tuition and Fees (in RMB)
Application Fee
500 yuan RMB
5,000 yuan RMB (including learning material and activity expenses)
120 yuan RMB for one month
75 yuan RMB /person/day

III. How to Apply
Option 2: You can choose to post, E-mail, or fax the Application Form (on the website http://cie.bjtu.edu.cn) and the photocopy of your passport to us before the starting date.
IV. Note
1. Each class may consist of 10-20 students.
2. The courses use textbooks “Conversational Chinese 301”, “Road to success” serial books published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
3. Culture courses include Chinese culture lectures, calligraphy, painting, weaving and cloth-pasting picture.
4. In-city activities include campus tour, visits to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Shichahai Lake and Kung fu show etc.
5. For more accommodation information, please refer to the following websitehttp://cie.bjtu.edu.cn/1.aspx?id=42  
V. Contact
Center for International Education
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing 100044
P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-5168 4535
Fax: +86-10-51685258
Website: http://cie.bjtu.edu.cn